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If you haven’t seen this yet, it’s Have Heart playing for an Elementary School in South Africa.

oh hey, I shot this video! Shortly after, we gave out about 200 Have Heart longsleeves and the kids were all so psyched. One of the best tour experiences ever

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—Our Apartment Is Always Empty


You let me sleep on your couch and your floor
even in your bed window side.

You let me have the corner in your closet, 
a place where my boxed up life could 

In return I showed you how life was like a painting,
one so violent and depressing you just closed your eyes.
When you saw me disintegrating,
you’d stand by and just watch me vaporize.
As the world fell in love with me,

You fell out, or so it seemed.
Change your sheets to rid yourself of me
ecause its been weeks
and you still speak in your sleep.

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—Meet Me In St. Louis


I hate October. Nothing changes but the weather, and I’m tired of feeling cold.

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